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A Hungry Gardener Book - Signed by Author

A Hungry Gardener Book - Signed by Author

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The Hungry Gardener Book - Signed by Author "Growing Food the Italian Way"

In mid-2014, we decided to up stumps and move to Italy for a year with our young family in tow, where I wrote this book. 

This book will show you - in simple terms! - how to set up and maintain your veggie patch, and the extensive A-Z plant guide will help you decide what to grow in it. There's a chapter on problems you might encounter and remedies to fix them, along with handy tips scattered throughout. Some of these tips have been expanded into easy-to-follow activities like how to build your own barbecue or make your own insect repellent. You'll also find a selection of simple and delicious recipes so you can cook just like Nonna, and a glossary to help decode common gardening terms.

In Italy the most important things are family and food. Growing your own food is about providing for yourself and your family. It is a celebration of food, which is a celebration of life.

To grow the Italian way is to enjoy life. Nothing else really matters. Basta!

What have others said about the book:

"love it!! Its happy, positive, colourful and informative. - 5 Stars"  

"The SPIRIT of gardening is clear.  Gardening as connection, rather than just action.  Connection to self, earth, others, FOOD! And italy of course!"

"Visually Stunning, one almost feels like they are in the garden with the wonderful photography. This possibly one the simplest, practical and agreable gardening books I have ever looked at.   The back story and recipes make it warm and welcoming as Italian hospitality."




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