Growing in Pots : Gardening Tips for Renters

If you're renting a home and looking to create a mobile garden, there are several options worth considering. By choosing the right containers and avoiding permanent fixtures, you can easily move your plants with you when you leave. Here are some of the best options for mobile gardening that you can use to decorate your space with greenery and grow your own veggies:

Polystyrene boxes:

These lightweight boxes are ideal for creating a mobile veggie patch. You can get them for free from your local greengrocer by asking nicely. Use high-quality soil and compost to grow a range of crops, including leafy greens, herbs, and tomatoes.

Plastic pots:

These user-friendly pots come in many sizes and are great for indoor and outdoor gardening. They're lighter than other materials and less prone to breakage, making them perfect for renters. Use them for succulents, citrus trees, or hardy indoor plants.

Grow bags:

These are great for growing spuds and tomatoes, and they're mobile too. Fill them with soil and compost, and place them in a sunny spot where the veggies will thrive. Many commercial grow bags come with easy-to-use handles for moving.

Felt pots:

These are an alternative to plastic pots that work well for fruit trees and as decorative covers for plastic pots. Outdoors, they're suited to fruit trees or even bay trees. Indoors, you can plant directly into them or use them as a decorative cover for plastic pots.

Mobile garden beds:

Mobile, raised garden beds are another option for growing some edibles and flowers. You can make them yourself or buy one or two from your local nursery. Some models come with castor wheels, which are great for transport.

When choosing containers for your mobile garden, it's important to keep things simple and avoid overloading your space with too many plants. Also, make sure to choose plants that are suitable for your environment and that you can maintain easily. Joining a local community garden is also a great way to connect with like-minded people in your neighbourhood and expand your gardening skills. Remember, with these mobile gardening options, you can easily create a garden that is uniquely yours, whether you're renting your home for six months or two years.

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